The University of Aveiro and INET-MD (Institute of Ethnomusicology – Centre for Music and Dance Studies) hosted the 2nd International Symposium: “Music for and by Children: Perspectives from Composers, Performers and Educators”, from 28th – 30th September 2022 in Aveiro, Portugal. 

The main goal of the musichildren’22 conference was to explore aspects of music for children, and music that is created by children. It aimed to stimulate discussion, develop ideas, and disseminate research in the fields of Music Composition, Performance and Music Education. This 3 day event hosted paper presentations, performances, workshops and discussions from around the world.

This publication presents 44 abstracts and 4 full papers, resulting from the communications, workshops, panels, lecture recitals and featured speakers presented during musichildren’22. These abstracts and papers reflect the diversity of issues related to the objectives of the conference, and are presented in alphabetical order according to the author’s first name but divided in 6 sections according to their format of presentation.

Published: 2022-09-27

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