Music for and by children is biennial journal dedicated to publish the results of the International Symposium: “Music for and by Children: Perspectives from Composers, Performers and Educators” hosted by University of Aveiro and INET-MD (Institute of Ethnomusicology - Centre for Music and Dance Studies) in Aveiro, Portugal. 

The main goal of the musichildren conferences is to explore aspects of music for children, and music that is created by children. It aims to stimulate discussion, develop ideas, and disseminate research in the fields of Music Composition, Performance and Music Education. The first symposium was in 2017 and the second edition was in September 2022. 


Main themes

  1. Children as performers and audience: A forum that explores and presents research of processes that lead to music performed by children and the processes involved in performing to children.
  2. Composing for children: A forum that aims to explore and present research and reflections on factors that contribute to widening repertoire for children and young audiences.
  3. Children’s music: A forum that aims to develop new understandings of children’s creativity, and of the particular ways they create their own music, alone or in groups, in formal, non-formal and informal contexts.