The Ukrainian folk Song Entertainments for child:

cognitive development of musical and mental abilities

  • Yaroslava Levchuk ukrainian
Keywords: Ukrainian child folk song and games, intonation hearing; timbre hearing; sense of rhythm; musical memory, the song entertainments


My purpose: to demonstrate Ukrainian folk games and games for children up to 3 years with analyzing their possibilities for musical and mental development.

My motivation: I want to popularize Ukrainian folk music child culture and show that it is interesting, relevant and necessary for children today.

Our museum have a project which based on using the Ukrainian folk songs and games for baby and their adults. We gathered folk play rythmes for baby from old woman in the Ukrainian villages and use them on the workshops. Some of our workshops you can see on this link:

Traditional Ukrainian song entertainments can be grouped by age: for babies; for children who have begun to sit or walk; for children aged 3­-5 years. So, first the adults sing a song to the child and touch her|his legs, hends and had , so he or she memorizes the sequence of movements, melody, words, and then performs it.

Children who are entertained, during the period of their most powerful mental, psychological and physical development, receive extremely important creative training. After all, the song entertainments are enriched with verbal, musical and dramatic creativity, so they form a powerful creative potential, including musical abilities. Therefore, in the process of children's upbringing, the song entertainments should be given as much attention as possible.