Artists visit the school: an educational action through contemporary musical creation in a Singular Educational Action School.

Keywords: Musical creativity, Aglaya Play, multidisciplinary approach, Artistic residencies, Soundscapes, acoustic awareness.


The schools of Singular Educational Action host (in Spanish CAES) a diversity of children from different backgrounds who usually belong to poor families and neighborhoods classified as particularly disadvantaged groups. In this particular context, we present an educational experience that aims to bring contemporary sound creation to the classroom through the participation of artists in residence.

Author Biographies

Mª Elena Riaño, Universidad de Cantabria

María Elena Riaño has a Ph.D. in education (Universidad Pública del País Vasco) and degree in music (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música, Madrid). Currently, she works as an associate professor at the Universidad de Cantabria. Her research is linked to musical creativity, artistic education, interdisciplinar- ity projects and contemporary music and digital technologies.


Jesús Tejada, Institut de Creativitat i Innovations Educatives Universitat de València

Jesús Tejada has a Ph.D. in research methods and diagnosis in education (University of Seville) and a Ph.D. in humanities (University of La Rioja). Currently, he works as a senior lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations of the Universidad de Valencia, Spain.


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