Potential, prospects, and problems of textile tourism in Kerala

  • Nikhilraj K
  • Joby Thomas


Tourism in the textile industry has tremendous potential for future growth and development of local economies and rural communities, building upon the services provided by local governments. This study focuses on Khadi textile business operations, with a particular emphasis on textile-based businesses, and provides visitor perceptions of textile tourism. It discusses the possibilities and challen- ges in the local textile industry, including the diculties faced by the weavers in marketing their goods to tourists and exporters. The questionnaire survey applied to 120 visitors from three different khadi shops in Kozhikode, Kerala. According to the study's findings, textile business centres require strategic promotional approaches to boost textile tourism. The major hurdle for weavers and independent producers is a lack of direct access to visitors, as well as access to information controlled by producers, commercial interests, and gallery owners. more in the future to expand the reach of this type of tourism. The potential role that the government and tourism authorities may play an important role in designing policies that may grant this form of tourism increased visibility.

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K, N., & Thomas, J. (2022). Potential, prospects, and problems of textile tourism in Kerala. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 39, 451-461. https://doi.org/10.34624/rtd.v39i0.30477