The heritage, tourism and economic values of Mount Blinaja, Kosovo

  • Hazir Çadraku Kosovar


Each country has dierent heritage and tourist values, which constitute identity and generate material goods for country's economy. Blinaja Mountains (Blinaja Hunting Reserve) are one of the most beautiful and protected mountains in the Republic of Kosovo. Attractive spatial forms and landscapes of the mountains of Blinaja, created in different geological periods as special geomorphological, hydrographic, topographic forms, represent values that can be valorized in terms of heritage, tourism and economy. This paper aims to bring to a wide audience authentic data and information related to the heritage, tourist and economic values of Mount Blinaja (Blinaja Hunting Reserve). It has an area of 2115 hectares, hilly-mountainous relief and altitude from 600-850 m. The catchment area e is 21.15 km2, the length of the hydrographic network is 49.44 km. 33 surface water accumulations are within this space, 2 objects of heritage value, and over 200 species of endemic plants. 94.16% of this study area is covered with forests divided into 70 management units. These natural and articial values give this area unique heritage, tourism and economic importance.

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Çadraku, H. (2022). The heritage, tourism and economic values of Mount Blinaja, Kosovo. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 39, 363-373.