Smart and 4.0 paradigms fostering innovation dynamics within tourism destinations


Digital transformation in the tourism sector is an ongoing process that might carry disruptive implications for both territories and companies. The smart and 4.0 paradigms are increasingly dominating the narratives of tourism decision-makers and planners, although being argued that both concepts still lack theoretical background capable of supporting their adoption in development and planning strategies. People travel because they want to get involved in a particular destination through remarkable experiences. Thus, through innovative approaches, territories can create outstanding offers to engage visitors within the territory, enhancing their attractiveness and competitiveness. Innovation and technology walk side by side and their impact within a certain context might contribute to the remodelling of the established panorama. Aiming to discuss the role of both smart and 4.0 paradigms in a tourism innovation context, this study applies a case study analysis to the smart cities of Ljubljana and Málaga.

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Rodrigues, V., Stevic, I., & Breda, Z. (2022). Smart and 4.0 paradigms fostering innovation dynamics within tourism destinations. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 39, 65-82.