How to change vision from manufacturing to tourism?: the role of university in the Marche Region (Italy)

  • Gian Luigi Corinto University of Macerata
  • Fabio Curzi University of Macerata


In regions of the so-called Third Italy, economy was long based on industrial manufacturing, spread in countless small and medium sized units (SMEs), within industrial districts scattered in rural areas. The Marche region pertains to this area and culture of both entrepreneurs and laborers maintains distinctive know-how, skills and craft abilities, coming from a farming culture fit for the production of consumption goods, such as shoes, cloths, furniture, household appliances. Incumbent competitors, due to the effect of globalization, jeopardize many SMEs, stressing on new market strategies both for single companies and territories. National and local policymakers envisage tourism as a leverage to create effectual alternatives to redirect the economy. In such a context, university is called to provide education and governance. The paper reports the authors’ experience in teaching and researching on tourism for ten years in a medium sized University located in the Marche, in Central Italy. The work explores how research and education on sustainable tourism may empower local communities and economies not to lose their identity, fostering traditional know-how, intercepting possible international opportunities. Results show how the University can effectively participate in the governance process designed by national and local public agencies – the National Ministry of Research and the Regional Government – by helping territories to customize new visions for local development. Feedbacks are forecast in the medium-long period, given the sticky adaptation of entrepreneurial culture to interact with tourism sector. University students coming from other regions will be able to disseminate benefits also out of the Marche region.

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Corinto, G. L., & Curzi, F. (2017). How to change vision from manufacturing to tourism?: the role of university in the Marche Region (Italy). Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 1(27/28), 9-19.
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