Travelling back home and becoming a stranger

  • Raweewan Proyrungroj Woosong University


The present study aimed to investigate the phenomenon of reverse culture shock experienced by Thai youths upon their return to Thailand. It adopted an interpretive paradigm utilising a qualitative research method. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect data from 25 Thai youths completing an exchange study abroad programme in a European country. When experiencing their own home culture again, all the returnees encountered the effects of reverse culture shock in terms of changes in their identities, behaviours, cognitions and emotions. These effects could be categorised into five main dimensions, namely: personal growth, cultural distance, social distance, moral distance, and emotional aspects. Although the negative effects of returning home were largely addressed by these students, positive consequences were also noted. The findings of this study have informed the development of a framework that serves as a guide for investigating the experience of reverse culture shock among overseas students.

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Proyrungroj, R. (2023). Travelling back home and becoming a stranger. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 44, 213-233.