A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Neophobia and Gastronomy Tourism


This study aims to investigate the current status of studies on "neophobia and gastronomic tourism" published in the international literature over the last 41 years (1980-2021). The data was extracted from Web of Science (WOS), and so a bibliometric analysis of the publications indexed in WOS was made in this study. The Vosviewer program was employed in order to analyse and visualize the data for a total of 3269 studies on the subject of "neophobia and gastronomy tourism" from the relevant database. Besides, the analysis of the data was supported by the R package program. It has been observed that there are 2113 articles out of 3269 documents on neophobia and gastronomy tourism and that the highest number of articles were published in 2021. The findings indicate that the most cited author was Siegrist, M. and that the most cited document was Birch, I.I. (1999). Also, it has been found that the most co-cited article was written by Pliner, P. The United States, with the most cited and strongest ties, also appears to be the most prolific country. This study is presenting an overview of neophobia and gastronomy tourism research which has been conducted over the last 41 years through bibliometric analysis.

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Hatısaru, M., Uslu, A., & Gündüz, H. (2023). A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Neophobia and Gastronomy Tourism. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 44, 79-96. https://doi.org/10.34624/rtd.v44i0.31161