Risk management in congresses and events companies in Portugal

  • Carlota Rodrigues
  • Rui Costa


Since very early in history, events are a constant in civilization and manifest themselves as a form of cultural expression for a specific community. For this reason, they are used as key attractions to differentiate the destinations from their competitors and to gain competitive advantage. The event industry has been growing and with this its importance, both for destinations and for the local communities. Moreover, the constant change and evolution of the industry, it becomes essential to events' companies to be prepared to identify, measure, and develop strategies to overcome potential risks and, know-how to act in situations that could bring negative consequences to the organization. Thus, this research aims to understand How do companies of congresses and events in Portugal react and operate when faced with a period of risk. Through a quantitative methodology, supported by a questionnaire this research focuses on the analysis of the risk strategies or plans that companies have implemented, what factors they use to detect the risk and whether they consider the state's help enough to face the current risk situation. One of the main conclusions refers that a major part of the companies have implemented a risk plan, and that state's help is considered insufficient to overcome this hard period.

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Rodrigues, C., & Costa, R. (2021). Risk management in congresses and events companies in Portugal. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 36(2), 125-137. https://doi.org/10.34624/rtd.v36i2.26016