Olive-oil tourism in Portugal

Contextualization of the current supply

  • Inês Almeida Universidade de Coimbra
  • Luís Silveira


Olive-oil tourism is an emergent segment in tourism that represents a panoply of tourism activities based on the olive-oil, the olive and the olive tree, with particular expression in the Mediterranean Basin. Although Portugal is part of this region, the study and promotion of olive-oil tourism in the country is almost null. The aim of this study is to identify the elements which confer development bases for the segment in Portugal and to contextualize the current supply. The results are based on the data collection through the search engine Google and the institutional websites of the PDO regions’ municipalities. It was possible to identify seven main formats of supply (museum spaces, visitable production spaces, events, routes, activities in accommodations, tourism recreation and specialized shops) as well as several fragilities and guidelines for the segment in Portugal.

Como Citar
Almeida, I., & Silveira, L. (2021). Olive-oil tourism in Portugal. Revista Turismo & Desenvolvimento, 36(2), 153-165. https://doi.org/10.34624/rtd.v36i2.23289