Updating Bem-me-ker

An User-Centred Approach to Redesigning an Onboarding Application for Cancer Patients

  • Inês Ferraz FBAUP, University of Porto
  • Marta Reis FBAUP, University of Porto
  • Pedro Cardoso FBAUP, University of Porto
  • Andreia Pinto de Sousa Universidade Lusófona do Porto
  • Bruno Giesteira FBAUP, University of Porto
  • Ricardo Melo Fraunhofer AICOS
Keywords: eHealth, mHealth, InteractionDesign, Cancer, Onboarding, Chatbot


This paper presents the research and development of a redesign of Bem-me-ker – an application of the Portuguese Oncology Institute (IPO) of Porto. For this project, we resorted to a user-centric methodology featuring a survey of the current market and the context of the digital health industry, interviews and usability tests with patients, caregivers and stakeholders. Such user-centric methodology proved to be efficient in responding to their needs, with satisfactory results. Its contributions are focused on the incorporation of the concept of patient navigation into the design of an onboarding application, transforming it into a virtual manager of the disease for cancer patients, and with the ultimate goal to improve their wellbeing and quality-of-life. We see that this approach is also capable of being adjusted to the needs of other institutions and patients, thus contributing to the improvement of the national health service, providing digitally optimized information to citizens.


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