Open Call for Articles 2022/2023

Articles and Reviews can be submitted in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish.

The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction (JDMI) is calling for articles for thematic dossiers, meaning, calls to publish on comprehensive series of papers (between 4,000 to 7,000 words each) under a shared theme (see below the themes for the next 4 issues). The JDMI accepts review, meta-analysis, empirical, and conceptual papers.

In addition to these thematic dossiers JDMI is continuously open to articles in the broad range of its scope.



JDMI no.14 - July 2023 

(Read in Português, Español, Français and English)

Dossier on Meaning-Making in Digital Media

Submission deadline (NEW DATE): April 30, 2023 May 12, 2023

The meaning-making in digital media has been debated over the last decades on many different fronts. It is in the interest of this dossier to provide an update of knowledge, in particular to present research on new perspectives, methods and models, paying particular attention to developments in content creation and communication in digital media.



Cognitive digital media studies

Cognitive semantics

Cognitive semiotics

Meaning-making in Digital Games

Meaning-making in Transmedia

Meaning-making in Interactive Storytelling

Meaning-making in Electronic Literature

Meaning-making in Digital Experiences



Other topics in Media Meaning Making


JDMI no.15 - December 2023 

Dossier on Digital Life and Wellbeing

Submission deadline: October 15, 2023

As never before, our daily lives are managed, controlled, evaluated, monitored, and mediated through systems and tools of the digital media sphere. This transformation of our relationship with the natural and social world brings changes about who we are. It is of interest to this dossier to understand what changes have been intensifing, what effects they are producing both socially and psychologically.



Wellbeing Assistants

Social media and Health

Games for Wellbeing

Digital Healthy Habits

Digital Minimalism

Screen Time


Digital addictions and disorders

Stress & Anxiety promoted by the use of digital media  

Other topics in Digital Life and Wellbeing


Guidelines for authors

Articles and Reviews can be submitted in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish.
All submissions must be made through the OJS platform of the journal JDMI.
Follow the authors’ guidelines and use the .doc template.

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