The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction is an international open-access journal, published 2 times a year. The journal addresses research on enhancing user experience in digital media applications in creative, cultural and social contexts. It focuses on the socio-technological challenges seen from a transdisciplinary perspective, grounded in media studies and interaction design, as well as in human-computer interaction, communication, cultural studies, design, psychology, sociology and information sciences.

The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction accepts works in 4 languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction is published by the DigiMedia - Digital Media and Interaction Research Center. DigiMedia is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Aveiro focusing on research in interaction design , classified as Very Good by the national evaluation system. The journal adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world.

The Journal of Digital Media & Interaction is free of charge: no charge to authors and readers, available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 license, and provides an open forum of discussion and monitoring of trends and transformations in the digital media landscape; the presentation of new design models and emergent technologies for the innovation of the user experience; the presentation of results from empirical studies and innovative research approaches.


Specific areas of interest include:

Active and Assisted Living

Audiovisual Communication

Creativity and Innovation

Critical Algorithm Studies


Digital Accessibility and Usability

Digital Entertainment

Digital Learning Environments

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Digital Games and Toys

eHealth and Wellbeing


Interactive Media and Arts

Interactive Television and New Media

Internet of Things

Knowledge Media Content

Machine Learning and Automation Studies

Media Convergence

Media Psychology and Engagement

Mobile Technologies

Narratives and Transmedia

Physical Computing

Screen-Time Studies

Smart Ecosystems and Identity

Social Media

Universal Inclusive Design

User Experience

Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Realities


Working languages:
English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.