Hashtags à Mesa: Redes Sociais sobre Vegetarianismo no Instagram

  • Davino Pereira Lima Júnior Maria Sebastiana Pereira de Lima
Keywords: social networks, instagram, veganism, vegetarianism


This article is themed on the social networks formed on Instagram with the theme vegetarianism, its developments and parallel issues. The goal is to identify social relationships, interactions, actors and topics related to vegetarianism on Instagram. For this, this work has the analysis of online social networks as a research methodology, using the methods presented by Recuero (2017). Through the collection of posts and the identification of profiles that disseminate content on the subject, the data could be organized and computed. In this way, graphs were created, which are visual representations of these networks, and data about interactions could be accounted for and expressed through graphs. It was concluded that the social networks formed on Instagram are spaces in the virtual environment that aggregate people with interest in the theme and encourage the habit through content that informs, raises awareness, sensitizes and relaxes, without, however, representing a place of political debate of general form.


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