E-mail Marketing: Caso de Estudo InnovAction

  • Marta Gomes University of Aveiro
  • Dora Simões University of Aveiro
  • Arnaldo Santos Altice Labs, Portugal
Keywords: digital platforms, communication, customer engagement, social networking, e-mail marketing, rebranding, B2B


E-mail marketing is a digital marketing channel that enables communication between companies and their customers or future/new customers. In a world where social media are more present than ever in our everyday lives, it was expected that e-mail marketing as a marketing tool would disappear. However, we observe just the opposite.This research presents the main results from the evaluation of an e-mail marketing communication campaign aimed at “InnovAction” magazine (an annual technological publication produced by Altice Labs). The target audience of this campaign includes the guests of the second-anniversary party of the company, universities, partners, customers, and subscribers, with a total of 1434 people.Based on the campaign evaluation results, it was concluded that the size of the e-mail marketing campaign and the fact that it had an event associated to the release of the product (e.g. company’s anniversary) were major influence factors on the e-mail marketing campaign results. It was also concluded that the company is of great value to their customers and subscribers and that InnovAction contributed to this recognition as a vehicle to share the most relevant technological developments and knowledge throughout the group’s operations all over the world.


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