Increased Consumerism in a Networked-Nigeria: A Study on the Effect of E-Malls and Social Media on Youth Spending

  • Ayodeji Olalekan Awobamise Kampala International University Kampala
Keywords: social media, technological determinism, consumer behaviour, shopping preference theory, consumerism


This research focuses on identifying how electronic shopping malls and their adverts on social networking sites might be affecting consumer spending with particular reference to Nigerian youths. The study made use of the quantitative methodology - 1,600 questionnaires were distributed and 1,349 were considered suitable for use in this study after discarding damaged or incorrectly filled questionnaires. This study adopted a multi-disciplinary approach when selecting the relevant theories to serve as the backdrop for the study; shopping preference theory and technological determinism were used as the theoretical background to the thesis. At the end of this study it was proven that there is indeed a relationship between online shopping malls and youth spending patterns. It was proven that exposure to social media and online shopping malls via social media has increased spending among Nigerian youths.


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