A Intensidade de Utilização da Internet: Uma Análise Exploratória

(Intensity of Internet Use: An Exploratory Analysis)

  • Filipe Montargil ESCS - Escola Superior de Comunicação Social
  • Branco Di Fátima
  • Cristian Ruiz
Keywords: Internet, methods, chrome


This paper presents an analysis of the intensity of Internet use, based on information gathered through the LLMCP - Living Lab on Media Content and Platforms online panel of Internet users. The analysis focuses on a sample of higher education students from the area of ​​communication. The data collection took place over a period of 10 weeks, between January and March 2019, including about 40 users, which generated a total of more than 190 thousand web navigation actions, through laptop or desktop computer. The results point to a relevant and consistent decline in the intensity of online activity over the weekend (and also, at least partially, on Friday). The existence of classes does not seem to influence significantly the distribution of Internet usage intensity between week and weekend. Internet use is also predominantly centered in the afternoon and early evening. One hypothesis for further research is the possibility that these results suggest the existence of complex forms of interpenetration between personal use and school use of the Internet.