A Construção da Identidade dos Novos Partidos em Páginas Oficiais do Facebook

(Building New Party Identity on Official Facebook Pages)

  • Jorge Martins Rosa ICNOVA, NOVA FCSH
  • Daniel Cardoso
Keywords: political communication, political parties, elections, Facebook, engagement


Foreshadowing the two electoral ballots of 2019 in Portugal, the European Elections of May 26 and the legislatives of October 6, several new movements appeared in the national political scene – most of them meanwhile becoming official parties – presenting themselves as novelties, occupying supposedly inexistent positions in the political spectrum. Iniciativa Liberal [Liberal Initiative], Aliança [Alliance], Chega [Enough] and Volt, besides the ideological differentiation, also seem to bet in new modes of interaction with their potential electors, namely those enabled by information technologies, as is the case of social network sites. In this paper, we will aim at identifying (and differentiating) the communication strategies on Facebook for each of these new movements during a period still ahead of the electoral acts, but in which these – particularly European Elections – were already in the Portuguese political agenda.


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