Live Patching e Interacção Remota

Uma Abordagem Pratica Intercontinental com Kiwi

  • Marcello Messina Universidade Federal da Paraíba
  • João Svidzinski
  • Deivid de Menezes Bezerra
  • David Ferreira da Costa


This paper introduces, documents and reflects on an intercontinental live patching experience based on simultaneous remote interaction using the software Kiwi, and that can be subsumed under several features of Ubiquitous Music. The experience involved two academic groups based in three different universities between Brazil and France, namely, a research group from the two Brazilian Federal Universities of Acre and Paraíba, and a working group based at the University Paris 8 in France. The intercontinental simultaneous interaction may trigger reflections on the implications of the presence/absence of the human being, on the implicit patterns of territorialisation reproduced in the context of intercontinental live patching, and on the operative action of mnemonic processes within the practice.