Embasamento da Ancoragem Semântica Criativa

Estudo Exploratório com Emulações Instrumentais

  • Damián Keller
  • Marcello Messina Universidade Federal da Paraíba
  • Carlos Eduardo da Silva
  • Leonardo Vieira Feichas
Keywords: Ancoragem semântica criativa, Música ubíqua, Flausino Valle, Emulações de sons cotidianos


In this paper, we outline and document a new supporting metaphor for creativity, creative semantic anchoring (or CSA method). Creative semantic anchoring involves the verbal contextualization of sound materials in order o enable aesthetic decisions or to facilitate the transmission of musical knowledge. It is useful for dealing with sound classes linked to the daily experience of participants in creative activity - ranging from ambient sound events (e.g., biophonic or mechanical sounds) to instrumental emulations of everyday sounds. The present study focuses on the evaluation of instrumental emulations of everyday sounds using semantic descriptors.

We selected a group of descriptors, focussing on the subjective and technical aspects of sound materials, and applied a standardised procedure in order to evaluate the sound samples. In this way, we aimed to identify minimum elements for the semantic descriptions, seeking to obtain a quantitative picture of the relevance of the descriptors from the responses of a group of 58 adults, university students with musical knowledge.

The results highlight two creative factors: the originality of the product and the subjects’ familiarity with the sound material. The descriptor agradável [pleasant], linked to strongly subjective aspects, and the descriptor bem feito [well done], which refers to the technical aspects of the sound material, were also highlighted in the measurements made. We discuss the limitations of the study and put the results obtained in the context of the semantic proposals of support for creative activities.