Estudio Bibliométrico de la Investigación Acerca del Uso de Internet. Una Revisión de las Perspectivas sobre Riesgos y Oportunidades

(Bibliometric Study on Research About the Use of the Internet. A Review of the Perspectives on Risks and Opportunities)

Keywords: Uso de internet, Oportunidades, Riesgos, Bibliometria


Academic work based on the Internet use is for the most part divided in two important groups: risks and opportunities, and thus separating online activities, which can negatively affect people, from those activities that can be beneficial. This article allows for a broad comprehension of the phenomenon thanks to the bibliometric analysis of a sample of 5,082 articles taken from Web of Science (WoS) and SciELO-CI Citation Index (SciELO-CI) databases.  Beyond the polarized view of the problem, the article presents information related to the evolution of the subject from a global perspective that incorporates risks as well as opportunities, which are useful in investigations which are interested in the adoption and appropriation of the information technologies and communication in diverse areas of knowledge.


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