El Fenómeno de la Participación en el Museo. Un Mecanismo para Construir Comunidad

(The Phenomenon of Participation in the Museum. A Mechanism to Build Community)

  • Raquel Martínez University of Valladolid
Keywords: Cultural institutions, crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, engagement, Web 2.0


This paper explores the different manifestations of the participation applied to the museum field emphasizing especially on the educational effects of the collective intelligence and the crowdsourcing, focusing on the configuration of communities that promote the dissemination of cultural contents. With the appearance of the Web 2.0 different forms are popularized and extended, a priori, uninterested in collaboration, nevertheless, it's advised that the participation in the cultural and artistic field has a long tradition not mediated by technology, of which the museum is a privileged witness. Regardless, it’s demonstrated that placing the technology in service of the user can break the vertical and authoritarian knowledge transfer system, making the museum a concerned for the different publics' interests meeting place. The supervision of specific examples leads to the conclusion that the museum organizing participative projects which incorporate the non-expert voices, brings an image of closeness, thus strengthening their interest and commitment with the institution


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