Social Media and Egomuseum. A Conceptual Proposition

(Mídias Sociais e Egomuseu: Uma Proposta Conceitual)

Keywords: Egomuseum, Mediatization, Platformization, Social media


The work articulates the image-body-technology relationship at the intersection of the fields of Communication and Education. It is part of the historical recency of digital information and communication technologies, namely, the emergence of a new relationship context with the use of social media. The objective is to develop and present the egomuseum concept to explain the (self)representation and musealization of the self as a process of (in)formation and authorship through images that are documented, collected, accumulated and exposed in social media. The egomuseum highlights the (self)representation and musealization of the self through visual narratives of the subject – its feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions – based on what it deems to be important and worthy of display. This conceptual article is based on a systematic literature review in a specialized database (Xavier, 2018; Xavier & Oliveira, 2017); and on empirical research developed and under development from social groups with public profiles on Instagram (Xavier & Souza, 2021). It points to the need to reflect on spectacularization, performance, ambivalent patrimonialization and registration, as conceptual components of the egomuseum, considering possible developments and implications, as well as their use in teaching-learning contexts and (in)formative processes of teaching-research-extension.


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Author Biography

Claudio Xavier, Universidade do Estado da Bahia-UNEB

PhD communication sciences and technologies

Researcher professor about image/body/technology in Department of Human Sciences-DCH I