The Game is Not Over. Relationships Between Ludic Appropriation and Production of Meaning in Video Games

  • Emmanoel Ferreira Universidade Federal Fluminense
Keywords: Ludic Appropriation, Video Games, Production of Meaning, Halo


This article discusses the relationships between ludic appropriation and the production of meaning in video games. By ludic appropriation, we refer to the act of performing in-game actions that were not designed or expected by the creators of a particular game, thus expanding the possibilities of producing meaningful interactions in this medium. This work is divided into three large blocks. First, we return to discussing particular aspects of games from theorists like Johan Huizinga, Roger Caillois, and Jacques Henriot. Next, we present the concepts of ludic freedom and ludic appropriation as developed by Maude Bonenfant. Finally, we analyze an episode of ludic appropriation by the community of players of Halo: Combat Evolved, seeking to exemplify, from a real case, the concepts worked throughout the text.


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