Exploring Players’ Perceptions of the Haptic Feedback in Haptic Digital Games

  • Sotiris Kirginas University of Athens
Keywords: Haptic technology, digital games, player's experience, haptic experience


This study explores the added value of haptic games as a novel and innovative form of human-machine interaction that complements and enriches traditional forms of visual and auditory communication. In light of the relatively small number of empirical studies in this field, the above statement becomes more significant. The use of haptic digital games acquires special importance when one considers that these aren't just passive touch applications, where the user does not act. Instead, the user receives information through the passive transmission to his skin. Haptic interaction, on the other hand, is an active touch. Users choose their actions intentionally when exploring and manipulating an object or situation. As a result, these actions provide information about the properties of objects, thereby providing feedback helpful to the player and affecting the gaming experience. The primary objective of this study is to explore the fundamental factors of haptic technology, which can improve human-machine interaction through physical manipulation.


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