Digital Storytelling approaches in Virtual Museums: Umbrella review of systematic reviews

Keywords: virtual museum, virtual tour, digital Storytelling, Interactive Museum


Museums share with libraries and archives the mission of safeguarding objects of historical value, but unlike these institutions, they have undergone several modifications over time to take the focus off the object and give more importance to information and the visitor. Currently they encompass different types of experiences, either through digital and interactive elements, or through new approaches, such as storytelling, which has acted as a protagonist of these transformations. In this sense, the museum in the digital modality, known as virtual museum, plays an important role in this sharing of information and experiences. However, by having different modalities of navigation and interaction, especially in formats that simulate the physical visit, such as virtual tour, they present some problems that have been identified in the literature. With this analysis, we try to understand the role of narratives and the way museums use them in the virtual space to understand the gaps in the use of storytelling in this context.


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