The Precarious Work in Cultural Domains

The Case of Brazilian Youtubers

  • Marta Chaves Vasconcelos de Oliveira Paraná Federal University
  • Renata Vidart Klafke Paraná Federal University
Keywords: precarious work, cultural domains, youtubers


The present study aims to identify possible indicators of precariousness in the work organisation of the occupation of the Brazilian Youtuber. The development of this study was based on problematic work in cultural domains. The research focus is essentially qualitative, with an exploratory and descriptive character. The data used in this research is primary, collected by 17 semi-structured interviews carried out via Skype between August and October 2017 with Brazilian Youtubers that produce game and cinema content. Data analysis was performed using the content analysis technique (CET). Based on the results, it was possible, in view of the reduction of the time dedicated and demanded in the production of content, to identify possible signs of precariousness the occupation of Brazilian Youtubers, such as low financial gains, the impossibility of creating productive relationships, as well as the often overwhelming amount of work and lack of leisure time.




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Author Biography

Renata Vidart Klafke, Paraná Federal University