Internet of Things Prototyping for Cultural Heritage Dissemination

  • Imran Khan DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
  • Ana Melro DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
  • Ana Carla Amaro DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
  • Lídia Oliveira DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
Keywords: Internet of Things, Prototyping, Design Process, Cutural Heritage Dissemination


Internet of Things is an emerging technology that is presently revolutionizing the worldly pursuits. The evolution of mobile equipment has pioneered IoT as state-of-the-art technology in the last years giving rise to more and more wireless-based systems. IoT technology is widely been utilized by the cultural heritage sector to establish the lost sparks from their static environment for developing entertaining and livelier. However, current wireless systems have taken advantage of emerging sensory technologies in smartphones which led to a new way of cultural exploration and dissemination. This paper proposes some scenarios prototyping in order to develop co-design sessions. These sessions will enhance the tourist playful experience and dissemination of cultural heritage activities. Furthermore, through the proposed scenarios, this study describes the development steps and stages of an IoT application that disseminates cultural heritage. The paper also explores the hurdles, and difficulties a research team faced while developing the IoT-based application for cultural heritage dissemination.


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