Sensing the Territory as an Opportunity for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage

  • Imran Khan DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
  • Lídia Oliveira DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
  • Ana Carla Amaro DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
  • Ana Melro DigiMedia, University of Aveiro
Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Participation, Promotion, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality


 The promotion of cultural heritage is one of the core challenges in the current technological scenario. Traditional media information is considered not sufficient, slow, not easy to convey the message and does not have working reliability that fulfils tourist demands. ICT removes complexities that are coming in the way of cultural promotion. IoT based on smart sensors, smart objects, and Augmented Reality applications are an alternative emerging concept that can be installed at cultural heritage sites to promote them. One explores how much IoT-based applications and smart sensors are providing opportunities for the promotion of cultural heritage`s sites. Moreover, explores the design of existing applications that have the potential to sense territory and promote cultural heritage by engaging people through smart interaction and participation. The paper discusses an ICT-based project, namely LOCUS that was designed to sense the territory as an opportunity for the promotion of cultural heritage.


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