Allied University Libraries to Preserve the Cultural Heritage of Feminist Organizations

  • Codina-Canet Adelina Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Keywords: Cultural Heritage of Women, Feminist Movement, Special Collections, Archives, Academic libraries


Objective: The special collections of women's archives and feminist organizations in the libraries of some countries are analyzed, and compared with the situation of these specific collections in the Spanish university libraries. Methodology: There are several sources of data consulted in the different phases of analysis. The first phase based on data collection has been carried out using question forms for university libraries. The second phase is the consultation of bibliographic catalogs and archive directories of Spanish universities. The third phase is the bibliographic consultation on research of digital projects in universities on private archives of feminist organizations. For the projects analyzed in international universities, the source of information is the internet, through the analysis of the university's digital portals. Results: Unlike the cases studied in Europe and the United States, in the case of Spain the private funds of feminist organizations have not been deposited on a regular basis in academic libraries, or in other administration archives, as in the Exterior. Therefore, it would be desirable to carry out projects to deposit these special funds in academic libraries.


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