Reflexo(s) do Porto: Guia do Azulejo na Cidade

  • Nisa Félix CITCEM, FLUP
Keywords: Tile, Porto, Heritage, Guide, Tourism


It is taken for granted that the Cultural Heritage and the territory in which it is inserted have an umbilical connection. Both influence each other and contribute in a reciprocal and interactive way to each other’s evolution.

The main objective of Reflexo(s) do Porto: Guia do Azulejo na Cidade was to create an innovative heritage approach, combining the classic knowledge of Art History with new technologies, in a logic of complementarity. An itinerary of the tile heritage of Porto city was conceived in a way that allows the knowledge of the most varied culture heritage, attention justified by the public interest and important legacy that these heritage elements represent.

All urban tile sets have an architectural support that is part of the city’s memory, which must be preserved for future generations, so that the history of the city, and of the country, is safeguarded, as well as its values and contributions to the development of society.

In summary, through technological innovation and digital tools, this project aims to demonstrate the importance of tiles in an urban context, as well as to emphasize the appreciation of the remaining cultural heritage of Porto city, with a view to its protection and sustainability.


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