Extended Abstract Submission

Instruction for submission of Extended Abstracts manuscripts for the Special Issue dedicated to the 4th Statistics on health decision making: Real World Data

The following instructions advise on how the Extended Abstract manuscript should be prepared and submitted. Submission that do not comply with these guidelines will be returned to the authors before being considered for peer-review.

Extended abstracts have a maximum length of 4000 characters without spaces (excluding title page, acknowledgements, references, figure legends and tables) and up to 4 illustrations (figures or tables). Authors are encouraged to use supplementary data. All manuscripts should be prepared in UK or US English, a mixture of UK and US English will not be accepted.

Manuscripts should be submitted in *.doc (or *.docx) and *.pdf formats, in the appropriate section (Extended Abstracts) of the journal website. The manuscript must be divided in 2 files: the Title page and the Manuscript body, both submitted in *.doc (or *.docx) and *.pdf formats. Submitting these 2 files is essential to ensure double-blind peer-review. The submition must be accompanied with a cover letter. 

Templates for the Cover letter, Title page and Manuscript body can be found on:

- Cover letter for the special issue: link
- Extended Abstract Title Page template: link
- Extended Abstract Manuscript Body template: link

For detailed instruction on manuscripts preparation, please read the following document: JHSD Instruction to Authors