Incorporação da experiência da regularidade na produção artística

  • Alejandro Grosso Laguna Laboratorio para el Estudio de la Experiencia Musical. Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Keywords: Embodied experience of regularity, body timing and haptic audio synchronization, microanalysis, zero-speed spatial-visual indicator, Musical performance and dance movement


The study explores the expressive and temporal structure of the hierarchical periodicity of foot movement in response to music, juxtaposing the results in an example of artistic production. Using microanalysis techniques and according to the velocity zero paradigm, we discretised the trajectories of the foot movement by following two spatial indicators. We calculated the timing of motion trajectories of the foot in terms of differences between 0 velocity locations. We compared the 0 velocity locations obtained and sound attacks of 4 metric positions of musical stimulus. The results demonstrate (i) that the foot response to music revealed a complex movement that exceeds the periodic and mechanical marking of time, covering specific aspects of the metric and articulatory expressiveness of musical performance and that (ii) the impacts of the foot as the main source of the experience of regularity (haptic and kinesthetic) were organized around the kinetic components and non-isochronous timing. The study draws attention to more integrated ways of communicating propositional and embodied modes of knowledge among musicians and dancers involving questions of procedural knowledge.