ÍMPAR  - Online Journal for Artistic Research is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year by the IMPAR group of researchers at the University of Aveiro’s branch of INET-md. ÍMPAR is an open access journal that aims to promote, disseminate and discuss performance as artistic research in order to consistently increase the knowledge in this area, with a special focus on the intersections between critical and material thinking, aspects, remix practices and aesthetic appreciation. In this sense, the articles published are relevant to the advancement of the field of artistic research, and to further strengthen the inextricable link between artistic production and research. While the focus of the journal evokes a wide range of topics (such as creativity in performance; experimental, theoretical and philosophical approaches; improvisatory practices, etc.) all topics related to artistic research will be considered. In order to enhance and effectively support the understanding of their argument, authors are encouraged to include audio-visual elements in their manuscripts.

Prospective authors may submit articles at any stage through our ongoing call. Submitted articles should not be under consideration for another journal, neither should updated versions of articles previously published in other journals be submitted (unless previously discussed with the editors). All submitted articles will be subjected to a double-peer review selection process. All selected articles are published without cost. Due to our open access policy, readers may view, download, copy, distribute and print the full articles for free.

All submitted manuscripts should contain evidence of a scholarly approach to original research and be situated within the current literature. Their contribution to the field of artistic research should be clearly stated, relevant, contemporary, and of interest to an international readership. Furthermore, multimedia contents referred to in the article should be easily accessible by the reader.


Journal history
This biennial publication began in 2007 within the International Conference on Musical Performance - PERFORMA, and until 2013 it concerned only the dissemination of its proceedings. After 2017 this publication became a Journal and the authors' submissions, after selection (blind review), were published as articles.