Afinación como elemento expresivo en la música de cámara: aplicación en el dúo de viola y guitarra clásica

  • Noelia Gómez González Universidade de Aveiro
Keywords: chamber music, functional intonation, harmonic and melodic contexts


Tuning is a complex issue since auditory perception is different for every individual. Bowed-string concert artists and pedagogues seem to agree that the choice over the use of either just intonation or Pythagorean tuning depends primarily on musical context. It appears that intonation for the viola (or any other non-fixed pitch instrument) and guitar duo differs from that of the viola and piano duo or string quartet. Based on preliminary evidence, there are at least two premises that can be applied when playing tonal music: 1. Tuning the guitar on the main key of the piece and, 2. Building the intonation of the viola part according to harmonic context.