Guitarra, gesto & movimiento: A partir de una revisión crítica de los métodos y tratados canónicos de la guitarra clásica de la segunda mitad del siglo XX, hacia la construcción de nuevos paradigmas

  • Alfonso Aguirre Dergal Universidade de Aveiro
Keywords: Classical guitar, gesture, fascia, dynamic systems


The traditional paradigms related to the classical guitar performance are closely linked to the influence of the canonic instrumental methods and treatises published since the late 18th century, and especially to those from the second half of the 20th century. Such influence has contributed to the consolidation of a solid instrumental tradition; however, there are also dogmatic paradigms with dubious argumentative support that have been established collaterally and which are rarely questioned. In this paper I will confront such paradigms in the aspects related to “body” and “gesture”, with new alternative models based on a holistic view derived from my own experience as a professional guitarist and college professor, as well as the evidence found in transdisciplinary study fields.