A Path to artistic research

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I propose to describe, clarify, and communicate a performative experience, which express my transformation concerning music making and being on stage. "A path to artistic research" reports a growing process in my PhD, which has been going on for over a year. In this paper I describe some reflections of my experience based on the bodily and emotional memories of my performance, albeit brief but significant. This certainly marked a new direction in my musical career. Supported by a verbal language, I intend to convey in as much detail as possible, what led me to produce this performance and what this change of direction meant, which indeed has complemented my career as a Western Classical Musician. The connection and empathy with nature is not alien to the human being. Remembering and living a performative ritual, brings out that natural relationship with the cycle of life, sharing the relationship with sound and space that envelop the body in an atmosphere without time or points of comparison. The Sufis, the Yogis, call it transe, a state in which the whole being enters into a state of rapport and deep immersion with something unknown.