• Jorge Salgado Correia Universidade de Aveiro, INET-md
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I believe that Artistic Research prevails because of its power to intervene and reconfigure in a very specific intersection where subjectivity and intersubjectivity meet, where individual desires, fears and unconscious meanings nurture common beliefs, shared fictions, mythopoetic configurations. Since only the exploration of one's own subjectivity and its singularities opens up access to this field, neither philosophical nor scientific approaches are adequate or capable of meeting this challenge, focused as they are on generality. However, all the arts and all the artists explore this very same realm without overlaps and disputes by generating. through their creative work, new meanings, insights and (embodied) knowledge, and connecting us, in this way, to the ineffable. Rather than concepts and rational constructions, the ineffable demands images, gestures, emotional narratives. Artistic meaning constructions open thus to the possibility of connecting us with the ineffable establishing a continuum of images, gestures and emotional narratives were boundaries make no sense. For the same reason it doesn’t make much sense to establish frontiers within artistic research.


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