A ética da performance musical

  • William Teixeira Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul
  • Silvio Ferraz Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Ethics, Performance Philosophy, Musical Performance, Contemporary Music


This paper proposes a reflection on the ethical dimension of musical performance. In this sense, ethics is taken as the practice of a set of values that constitutes an ethos. After Aristotelian postulates, it will be punctuated the unfolding that the philosopher gave to the rhetorical ethos, that are object of reflection here within the musical discourse. Ethics is, therefore, the study and the action of constituting an ethos, more than a science of pointing out right and wrong in absolute senses. This overcoming makes Ethics less as a moral standard and more a relationship of responsibilities, giving space to the proposition of levels of responsibility, subsidized by the thought of Kierkegaard. Finally, means are proposed to put these values into practice in a manner appropriate to the established assumptions, residing in the concept of musical gesture a synthesis of these singularities, here taken by the term of Greek origin phronesis.