The interaction of the flute with the Sampo device in the performance of mixed electro-acoustic music

  • Monika Streitová University of Évora
Keywords: mixed electro-acoustic music, flute, Sampo, interaction


This article discusses the flute’s interaction with the Sampo device in the performance of mixed electroacoustic repertoire with sound files or in real time in light of the experience of presenting a lecture recital at the international conference “Flute: Hands on Research 2017”. Three pieces were adapted for flute and Sampo for the performance. The intention was that each piece should define a different mode of interaction with electroacoustic resources, with the objective of demonstrating the variety of its characteristics. The device was created in 2014 by Alexander Mihalic (composer and member of Musinfo in Saint Étienne, France), in order to facilitate the interpretation of electro-acoustic repertoire without requiring a technical assistant. The article will also approach the processes of preparing, constructing and performing this repertoire, focusing on important aspects that include: the possibility of changing the parameters of the effects, stopping and starting the electronics with sound track and in real time, using the pedals (up to 7 pedals per device). The requirements of the sound production which arose throughout the preparation of the pieces and the interaction of an acoustic instrument with the Sampo device will also be discussed, in order to provide the performer with a greater involvement in the process of performing works which include electroacoustic elements.