Food and Beverage Collaboration Patterns

A Systematic Literature Review

  • Michael Hack SCE gGmbH, Munich, Germany & Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Irina Saur-Amaral Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração (ISCA), Universidade de Aveiro & NECE – UBI
  • Manuel A. Coimbra Universidade de Aveiro
  • Klaus Sailer SCE gGmbH, Munich, Germany


This paper provides a “state of the art” view of the literature about food and beverage collaboration and pinpoints to new research fields related to collaboration in the Food and Beverage industry. Using a systematic literature review methodology, we identify and summarize the published evidence on collaboration in the Food and Beverage industry and thus synthesize previous work to strengthen the topic of collaboration in the Food and Beverage industry. A total of 228 topic-related articles were retrieved from the databases Scopus and Web of Science. After validation, 46 articles were identified as relevant, accessed and reviewed to understand the significance and the critical role played by collaboration, interaction and partnership among the university, industry and the government. Results indicate that the challenges and problems experienced in the food industry can be addressed through innovation and technological advancement. To achieve open innovation there are key players who must come together and facilitate the entire process. The industry, the university, the government and the consumer need to collaborate to yield positive outcomes. This indicates the significance of collaboration to facilitate open innovation.