Brands and Digital Influencers

agencies managing influencer advertising campaigns

  • Mafalda Moura IADE-Universidade Europeia
  • Liliana Ribeiro


Communication carried out through digital channels, has proved to be quite effective when compared to traditional advertising, exerting a great influence on the purchase decision, which constitutes a challenge and opportunity for brands. In this way, there has been a change in the creation of brand value, now determined by recommendations, mainly on social networks carried out by digital influencers.

The present study explores the role of agencies working with influencer advertising, specifically how brands can have better results, and benefit from agencies managing campaigns and influencers, instead to establish a direct relationship with digital influencers.

Given the relevance of the topic but its novelty as a field of study, was followed a qualitative approach, namely interviews with agency managers and influencers.

It was possible to detail the emergence, what is currently happening between brands, agencies, and influencers, what constitutes the basis of the business, and how their relationship is structured.