Ethical relationship marketing is needed

  • Carmina S. Nunes University of Aveiro/GOVCOPP
  • Cristela Maia Bairrada Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra/CeBER
Palavras-chave: Customer retention, Customer satisfaction, Ethics, Loyalty


The purpose of this paper is to explore the main concepts related to Relationship Marketing (RM), such as loyalty, customer value, customer retention, and customer satisfaction and strategy continuum. A literature review is used to characterize these elements, to establish a link between them and to reinforce the role that ethics generally plays. Overall, RM aims to study marketing through the networks and its interaction. A transition to RM was required to create new value for customers and to share it. It is important also to recognize the significance that customers have as purchasers and in describing the value they wish to reach. The ethics related to RM is part of the commercial process as it requires mutual respect to retain the customer, a long-term view to keep him satisfied, a win-win strategy to create long term value, and the recognition of the customer as a partner and co-founder of value. Applying ethics may be a deferential and a key factor in developing strategies and be nearer to the customers’ needs to create value. This study highlights how the application in an ethical way of RM concepts may contribute to a successful implementation that requires various perspectives to its approach.