Lisbon brand image perception: the perspective of tourists

  • Sandra Miranda Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, IPL
  • Dúnia Dias CIES, ISCTE & Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, IPL
Palavras-chave: Destination marketing, Place branding, Place brands, Destination image, Lisbon


Nowadays, digital media allows us to access information about any destination from everywhere. It can be informational content such as news, advertisement content or sharing of experiences and opinions. A strong and unique image is essential to transform a mere place into a destination. The image formed in our mind has the ability to influence our decisions regarding the purchase of products from a particular country, where to travel or where to migrate. Thus, the management of places as brands has brought many competitive advantages. However, the images of the territories are increasingly becoming harder to control, making it essential to regularly ascertain the perception of the image of the place by those who are abroad. Ideally it will be as close to reality as possible. Therefore, this research aims to understand how tourists perceive the image of the brand Lisbon. The research developed is quantitative, using the questionnaire survey as a data collection tool. The sample obtained has a total of 254 individuals. It was concluded that Lisbon is perceived very positively.