Online platforms for Branding and rebranding

a way for Small Fashion Businesses to survive and prosper?

  • Liliana Ribeiro NECE-Universidade da Beira Interior & ISCA-Universidade de Aveiro
  • Joana Fragoso Universidade Europeia


The fashion market is constantly changing, following socio-cultural movements and trends, and being affected by demographic, economic, or political factors. Brands must constantly adapt to prevailing and stand out among so many others.

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world economy, and the fashion industry in Portugal was no exception. Traffic on social media increased and brands that were not yet established online were almost forced to be, looking to meet the needs of their customers who were confined at home. In this context, social media was for some seen as an obstacle but also as a source of added value for fashion brands. Some brands adapted went to a rebranding process, which help them to reposition into the online market.

In this research, 58 Portuguese small fashion businesses were inquired about with the purpose to identify what common difficulties they faced before and during the 2020/2021 confinement.

The results show that a large part of small fashion businesses lack knowledge around branding and have low resources, mainly financial, to acquire the essential skills to develop their business.

An opportunity can be explored in the creation of online platforms for Portuguese fashion entrepreneurs to rebrand their business, identify their difficulties and solve them self-autonomously in a professional but inexpensive way.