“... and Words on Music”: Transcribed Text as Basis for Musical Composition

  • João Ricardo CESEM, UÉvora


This investigation dwells on a composition support, or aid, as a methodology of transcription and codification of text, in an exploration of cryptographic examples and processes in music and how these results can be used as musical material to be developed artistically and creatively.

Biografia do Autor

João Ricardo, CESEM, UÉvora

João Ricardo finished his master’s degree in Musical Arts at FCSH/UNL in 2019. He studies composition under Luís Soldado and participated in masterclasses and workshops with the composers and scholars Jaime Reis, Vincent Debut, Ake Parmerud, and others. He holds a research grant at the University of Évora and is also a researcher affiliated with CESEM FCSH/UNL, investigating Opera and Contemporary Music.


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