Mechanical properties of polypropylene bio composites with sea weeds

  • Münir Taşdemir Marmara University, Technology Faculty, Metallurgy and Materials Eng. Dep., Istanbul, 34722, Turkey
Keywords: Bio composites, mechanical properties, polypropylene, seaweed


The interest in the utilization of bio fillers in thermoplastics has increased recently, mainly due to the need in overcoming the environmental problems caused by the agricultural by products. Based on former exploratory research, we used seaweed fiber as a novel bio filler for the production of polypropylene (PP) biocomposites. Maleic anhydride grafted PP was applied as compatibilizers. The incorporation of the bio fillers at compositions ranging from 10-30% was carried out by melt compounding in extruder and then injection moulded into standard test samples. Mechanical and physical characteristics of the composite systems were studied to evaluate the effect of seaweeds content on PP. It has been found that while there is a decrease in elasticity modulus, tensile strength at break and elongation etc., the hardness and melt flow index were found to be increased with the seaweed content.