Nanostructures and applications

  • Fehim Findik Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, Sakarya Applied Sciences University, Sakarya, Turkey; BIOENAMS R & D Group, Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey
Keywords: Nanostructures, nanotechnology, nano-machines, nano-sensors, applications


Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary area that studies materials and structures of billionths in size and their uses. Nanomaterials are the keystones of nanotechnology and have exclusive electrical, magnetic and optical properties. What makes nanotechnology so stimulating is that materials perform contrarily in this dimension than in the macro world. The weight/power proportion, magnetic and optical possessions as well as conductivity alter meaningfully as you change from the macro dimension to the nano dimension. In this investigation, after giving overall data about nanomaterials, nanosystems, nanomachines, nanorobots and nanosystems from nanostructures were examined. Then, from nanostructure applications to the automotive industry, energy. defense and environmental applications were examined. Finally, nanofuture for nanostructures is discussed.